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Causes of Water in the Basement

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If you’re finding water in your basement, the problem could lie in several different places. It can be nearly impossible for you to identify the source, but professionals can take care of this task for you. Here are four common causes of water in your basement or crawlspace and what you can do about them.

Improper Grading
If the ground around your foundation slopes towards the structure, then you will have water pouring in along the subterranean walls. Avoid this problem by looking at your grading occasionally to be sure that it’s still sloping away from the building. Ideally, water should travel several feet away from your home before it can stand still on the ground and soak in.

Gutter and Downspout Problems
Surprisingly, the water in your basement could be coming from your roof. When gutters and downspouts fail to divert water away from the structure, they allow the water to fall directly along the foundation and your cinder block walls. Fixing the problem at the roof can be the best way to save your foundation.

Cracked Walls
When the foundation walls or base are cracked, water will find an easy pathway into your home. This type of repair requires special tools and skills, but it should still be done as quickly as possible. If you routinely find water in your basement, then look for other telltale warning signs of cracked walls or damaged foundations, including:
• Visible cracks in the walls or floor
• Sloping floors
• Doors that won’t close properly
• Gaps where the wall and floor meet

Sump Pump and French Drain Problems
Some problems are actually hidden below the floors, including French drain damage and failed sump pumps. If a formerly dry basement is suddenly taking on water whenever the weather turns cloudy, then your existing waterproofing may have failed. Invest in French drain repair Erie Pennsylvania so that you can move past this problem and keep your basement dry in the future.

Water can seriously damage your structure and lead to health problems as mold develops. However, there is help available. With the right diagnosis and prompt action, you can overcome the moisture problem and start making plans to finish off your basement. Whether you need corrections in the grading or help with your aging sump pump, look for a contractor who will provide you with quality work as well as a reliable warranty.