6 Things Your Contractor Won’t Tell You

Is your contractor being entirely honest with you? Here are just a few secrets they don’t usually share with the public.

1. They may not be licensed.

Only a few states require their contractors to apply for a license before beginning work. While having a license doesn’t automatically make someone a good contractor, it does show commitment to the industry and a willingness to hold themselves to a higher standard.

2. Your renovation isn’t the only one they’re working on.

Many contractors juggle multiple projects at once. This isn’t something to take personally as long as they remain focused on your renovation while they’re on-site; however, before actually hiring them, you might want to ask how many active projects they have. A high number of active projects might prove to be a distraction down the line.

3. Their upgrades are usually legitimate.

Sure, there are snake-oil salesmen out there who only suggest upgrades to squeeze more money out of you, but plenty of contractors have legitimate ideas about what will and won’t be beneficial to your property. Remember, this is their business, so they have more knowledge and experience than you do.

4. They can be legally obligated to stop working.

If something like polluted water or a termite infestation is found on your property, your contractors are legally obligated to halt the renovation until the health hazard is fixed. They won’t often tell you this, however, especially if they’re under contract and being paid by the day.

5. You can write your own contract.

Speaking of contracts, feel free to draft your own if you don’t like the version that your contractor uses. There are no national guidelines or standards governing home renovation contracts, so you won’t run afoul of any laws if you want to draft something specific or time-sensitive.

6. Everything is negotiable.

Don’t believe a contractor who says they aren’t allowed to haggle. While they may have preferred prices, brands and techniques for the things they do and the materials they use, these things aren’t set in stone by any means. Negotiating for a better deal is often all it takes to receive one.

These are just a few things that the average contractor won’t tell you. For more information, including how to get home renovation contractors near you, check out sites like RenovationExperts.com.