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3 Perks to Buying a Home in Lake County, Florida

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“The Sunshine State” is going through a population boom, and builders are all too happy to help deal with it. With more and more people moving to Florida for one reason or another, the supply of available residences has to keep up with the demand. With so many places and ecosystems in Florida to choose from, where does a newbie decide to settle? Take a look at Lake County and three reasons why buying a home there may be worth it.

1. You Get Two Seasons

Everyone knows Florida’s climate is more temperate than other states. It didn’t get its nickname because it’s cold and dreary. When buying a home lake county fl, know that you will likely only get two seasons a year: summer which lasts for 11 months and something like fall/winter/spring the other month. There are northern parts of the county that may experience milder temperatures through the year, but for the most part, you’ll find yourself in the 70 to 80-degree range most days.

2. You Get Access to the Parks

If you are a theme park junkie, Lake County is where it’s at. Depending on which part of the county you choose to land, you can be at the front gate of a theme park in minutes. If roller coasters and themed lands aren’t your cup of tea, rest assured that there are plenty of public parks and lakes to enjoy as well.

3. You Get More Employment Opportunities

When choosing where to move, the availability of jobs may pave the way. Lake County is not far from the hottest jobs in the state, between entertainment venues, theme parks, banks and the like. Even if you are retired and want to get something a few hours away, the centralized location of the county gives you access to a plethora of opportunities.

Purchasing a home is a critical investment for your family. If you are looking to move to the warmer portion of the country, Lake County, Florida has much to offer.